Well, the plunge is taken…

I’ve decided to start doing Let’s Plays, starting with FTL.

It’s actually a tough game (you can tell by my poor first attempt below) but I really do quite enjoy it.

I’ve got a couple of things in mind moving forward:

  • Assassins creed 3
  • Neptunes Pride: Timelapse
  • Minecraft: Tales from SpleenCraftia
  • Borderlands 2
  • Record all steam gameplay
  • I think that could keep things going for a while.

    I need to get my hands on a console recorder, but hopefully I can find one that I can capture from AirPlay with if I find any good iOS games.

    Anyways, I’d like some feedback on the vids so head on over to My Channel on YouTube and follow My Let’s Play Twitter account to stay up to date

    Happy Gaming folks…


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