Reviews! News! Brews!


Hello folks,

A few things have happened over the last few months, namely a massive lack of cash (not your problem), a lack of time (not your problem) and a lack of sleep (not your problem lol).

On the flip side, I’m now going to be doing the odd adhoc review for HoloWireNet. I’ve got a couple of things up there already so go have a read.

I’ll also be doing some work with a-yet-to-be-named server group for Minecraft. It’s going to play alongside my SSP series, and should be a good laugh with a bunch of very talented people 🙂

Note about giveaways:

I have removed the post from the blog for the time being. Streaming has not been working out as well as hoped, and there are hopefully many small little amends coming for it in the near future.

I fully intend to do this, so when the personal finances and the streaming platforms all pick up I’ll be reinstating this super cool giving back to you guys plan 🙂

That’s just about it for now, I’m still here and still planning on doing cool stuff for you all.

See ya soon,


P.s – I’m not that big into tea… My preferred brew is some kind of Turkish Fruit blend though, Apple has always been pretty special in that regard.


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