DiscoMcPlays – CT UHC – Season 1 – EP: 7


So… So… Hello Folks and Welcome to the CT Server UHC Premiere!!

Chuffed to have found a cool bunch to play with, I got invited to join the first ever CT Server UHC! ^_^

Make sure to check out all the other perspectives:

Team Red:
Con No 1: http://mcd.is/1jlISfS
The2ndFain: http://mcd.is/1jlIQVa

Team Green:
HalPlays: http://mcd.is/1hHBPl0
DiscoMcDisco: http://mcd.is/1jlIQVe

Team Blue:
Seleck: http://mcd.is/1gWcYrV
Noble Karizma: http://mcd.is/1jlISfW

Team Yellow:
BillyD: http://mcd.is/1gWcYrX

Share around, and don’t forget to add #CTUHC !!


Audio Credits:

Track: “Pedro Versus the World”
Artist: Jingle Punks


Voice server sponsored by http://mcd.is/1gWcYrZ

“Voice.HoloWire.Net:21105″ — free, public, managed TS3 server. Come join us!

DiscoMcPlays! by DiscoMcDisco



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