DiscoMcPlays – CT UHC – SE:2 – EP:1 – Best. Start. Ever. ^_^


So… Hello Folks, DiscoMcDisco here with another DiscoMcPlays Series!!

Today, we kick off another season of UHC on the CT Server!!

Make sure you check out all the different perspectives:

Orange Team:
Hal: http://mcd.is/1nq4nOL
Con: http://mcd.is/1pRDRma
Tarvis: http://mcd.is/1nq4nOP

Green/Black Team:
PSW: http://mcd.is/1pRDOXA
Disco: http://mcd.is/1nq4kCD
Kecklio: http://mcd.is/1pRDRme

Pink Team:
KTR: http://mcd.is/1nq4kSR
Freezerpick: http://mcd.is/1pRDOXD
Xlathon: http://mcd.is/1nq4qKh

Blue Team:
Flame: http://mcd.is/1nq4qKj
Wegnar: http://mcd.is/1pRDOXH
Gingy: http://mcd.is/1pRDOXJ

Enjoy Everyone!


DiscoMcPlays! by DiscoMcDisco


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